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Don't miss the Travis Country Easter Bash this Saturday!

It's that time of year again! It's time for the Travis Country Easter Bash! We are excited to sponsor the petting zoo again this year and look forward to a day full of fun and celebration! The Easter Bash is one of our favorite Travis Country Events as we love getting to spend time with our TC neighbors. We'll see you there!


  • Easter Egg Hunts by Age (see schedule below)
  • Petting Zoo
  • Balloon Animals
  • Breakfast & Coffee
  • Raffle

Egg Hunt Times:

  • 9:15 am - 0-3 yrs old
  • 9:30 am- 4-6 yrs old
  • 9:45 am- 7-9 yrs old
  • 10:00 am - 10+ yrs

We Need Your Help Assisting a TC Neighbor

As you may or may not know, a "Big Why" behind why the team and I are passionate about selling homes is the opportunity to greater fund our mission of serving our clients, past clients, and community in times of severe need.  We do this through funding our non-profit, Cain Cares, after every home sale.  We have chosen to stay "home" for our first community outreach event. 

I'm asking for your assistance in helping me to identify someone or a family in our neighborhood that may be in a severe time of need and/or may be barely scraping by.  As a result, perhaps their house is in disarray.  Many of us have been through tough times in our life, God knows my family and I have.  We'd like to identify this person or family, and spend an entire day at their house and help to improve their property.  This will depend on the property of course, yet this could include items such as landscaping/yard work, painting, flooring, cleaning, light remodeling, etc.  We will have the entire team helping, as well as our trusted vendors that are applicable to what the need would be.  

We will be doing this event April 7th, yet we are looking to identify some candidates sooner than later.  I'd be extremely grateful if you'd take some time to think about who could be impacted by our mission.  If you can share this on any applicable social media channels, that too would be appreciated.  

Please see click here to nominate someone you know of or share with them directly and let them nominate themselves.  

“A house is made of bricks and beams.  A home is made of hopes and dreams.”  Let's give someone in our neighborhood a home again.  Thank you from the bottom...

Your Austin Area Moving Checklist

We take joy in serving our clients from beginning to end of their transaction, and that means all the way through the move! Check out this ultimate moving check-list to ensure your move is just as smooth as your home sale with Cain Realty Group!

1. Turn on utilities: There is a very high chance the seller will be turning off all utilities the day of closing. Be sure to get these turned on before move-in to eliminate the hassle of moving furniture in the dark!

2. Setup internet/cable service: Having your home wired before the move-in makes it easier to install as well as eliminating one less time of moving furniture around. 

3. Order an energy audit: An energy audit is a professional assessment of your new home's overall energy performance. This will show you how to make the best of your home's energy, so it is best to have this done before related repairs are done. This simple task can help save you a ton!

4. Do a deep clean: There is nothing more exciting than getting your new home's keys and start piling in your furniture and personal items. Although, cleaning the home from top to bottom will make the process much more enjoyable at the finish line! 

5. Change the locks: This is just a basic safety measure when receiving the keys to the home. Although, it is important to wait until after the closing date.

6. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Make sure these a functioning properly in order to protect your beautiful new home and precious family. 

7. Set up alarm system: While we are on the topic of protecting your...

Travis Country Coyote Response Guide

How to respond to coyotes in your neighborhood

As Austin grows, our interactions with wildlife increase. To keep coyotes and other wildlife wild, we can follow a few, simple preventative measures:

  • Always keep trash and compost in a secure bin
  • Keep your barbecue grill clean
  • Keep the area under your fruit and nut trees free of droppings (a coyote’s diet can be up to 40% fruit in Texas)
  • Avoid feeding pets outdoors (if you must feed pets outside, feed during the daytime and remove the uneaten food as soon as the animal has finished).
  • Feeding wildlife and feral cats can attract coyotes. In addition to coyotes eating the food, mice and other animals will be drawn to leftovers, which can subsequently attract predators such as foxes and coyotes. 


To discourage coyotes from associating people with safety and food, eliminate the food sources around your yard and engage in hazing if you see a coyote on your property. Hazing is a process used to reinforce a coyote’s natural wariness without harming them. To haze, be big and loud: Wave your arms, shout, use noisemakers, throw non-edible objects in its direction (but not at it), or spray the animal with a hose. It shouldn’t take much for the coyote to get the memo -- just be persistent and maintain eye contact. Do not haze if a coyote is sick, injured, with pups, or is in its territory or out at night.


Pet safety

Keep small pets inside when possible and monitor them while outside. While walking dogs, use a secure, 4-6 foot leash and do not let dogs explore vegetation that you can’t see through. It is advised that pets be fed indoors. If pets must be fed outdoors, feed during the daytime and remove food as soon as your pet is finished....

TC Times Coloring Contest Winner

Congratulations to our January/February coloring contest winner, Austin age 6! Austin's amazing coloring entry took the cake for this months contest, landing him 50 Cain Keys on our Loyalty and Rewards program! Austin has a wide variety of prizes to choose from and can even earn more points to save up for something even bigger! Join him by heading over to Cain Club to start earning your points today!

Thank you to all our Travis Country Times entries, we love getting so many incredible colorings. If you have yet to win, please keep submitting entries as we look forward to awarding you Cain Keys soon! Congratulations, Austin! 

Want to join Travis Country Times' Coloring Contest to get a chance to win some Cain Keys? Watch out for our upcoming March/April issue!


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