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Ricky and KodiKay's Travis Country Thanksgiving Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving from Cain Realty GroupRaising a family not only entails the commitment of a couple to grow with each other. The community is also involved in the rearing process, as kids need a positive influence in AND out of the home. A community that is conducive for raising a family is probably the most important yet most uncited criteria when couples choose a home. And now that it is time to give thanks for the bountiful year that it has been, it is only fitting for us to appreciate the wonderful communities where we have situated our families to grow.

As a Thanksgiving special, Cain Realty Group's Ricky and KodiKay Cain would like to share a message of gratitude for the community that has helped them raise their son, Jaxon. Living in Travis Country, the real estate power couple have nothing but kind words to say about the home and the community that have sheltered their family over the years. Here are the things that make them grateful to live in an amazing community called Travis Country:

Ricky's Words of Gratitude:

I'm grateful for living in a neighborhood where everyone says hi and waves when you drive or walk past them.
I'm grateful for the strong sense of community that routinely looks out and after their own.

KodiKay's Words of Gratitude:


To-do's for the Family at Travis Country as Winter Looms Ahead

The chilly weather and the quick-changing color of the leaves are sure signs-- winter is just around the corner. While we are excited about the Holiday season and the milder climate, there isn't really much to do in the winter months, especially at Travis Country. But winter need not be boring at Travis Country. Over the years, the homeowners association has engaged community members to participate in local events that not only bring neighbors together, but also make the Travis Country community a beautiful and meaningful place to raise kids. Here are the most common activities you can do/organize at Travis Country to have a meaningful winter this year:

1. Donate - now's a good year to check out your closets and take out the things you no longer need. A family in need would be very grateful to receive your wonderful presents. Make Christmas early for them by giving your donations.

2. Clean the Yard; Mulch the Garden - while it rarely snows in Austin (just once, for as far as I can remember), it doesn't mean that your plants are immune to the sudden drop in temperature. Mulch the garden and clean the yard; your plants will be quick to recover in spring (just in time for garden parties and home selling, if you are planning to) if you do so.

3. Hold a Yard Sale - With only a few major events to expect for the remainder of 2016, our prospects are bit boring. Engage the community with a yard sale and have some commercial fun on the block with your neighbors.

4. Arrange a Potluck - What better way to spend the gloomy days than to spend time cuddling with family and bonding with friends after a hearty, shared meal? Arrange a potluck and enjoy the warmth of indoors.

5. Join a Community Bazaar - Christmas is just around the corner, so expect to find bazaars popping out everywhere. Take note of schedules and shop til you drop! Bazaars are always fun places for new and interesting finds!


Join the Travis Country Fall Potluck Garden Party on Nov. 6

The Travis Country Fall Potluck Garden Party will be held on Sunday, November 6, 4PM at the TC Community Garden.

We are inviting everyone to come join the fun! Just bring a beverage and a dish for sharing, and come with the whole gang! Please note, however, that adjustments will be made and the party may be rescheduled in the event of rain.

It's a fun-filled weekend for Travis Coutry as the annual Travis Country Garage Sale will also take place this weekend, November 5 & 6. Truly it is a great opportunity to come out and mingle with the crowd as the local homeowner's association strives to organize events designed to make the community more tight-knit than ever.

Lastly, the Travis Country community is in need of a kind-hearted angel who would willingly take care of the latest addition to out Travis Country Community Garden. Seven (7) newly-donated fruit trees are in need of attention, and we need all the help we can get! For more information, or if you would like to reach out to us, please follow this link.


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