How to Safely Enjoy the New Year Celebrations

With New Yea'rs Eve just one night away, everybody's excited to celebrate the coming of 2017! But don't let the excitement cloud your judgment. New Year's Eve is one of a few occasions where many get hurt. To stay safe as we celebrate the New Year, here are some safety tips we have compiled for you:

1. Don't Drink & Drive - New Year's Eve is a time to party, so expect that you'll be enjoying a few "happy drinks" even if you didn't intend to because you were driving home. Instead of planning the evening out like this, don't bring your car and take a taxi. Better yet, join a carpool or ride with someone sober and have this arrangement finalized before you start drinking. We're not saying it's best to stay sober when everyone else is partying hard; you might not want to sober, but you sure want to be safe, right?

2. Check the house before leaving - aside from the rare chance of a housefire starting due to firecrackers, it's more likely for a housefire to start when appliances are left turned on or problematic electrical systems mysteriously decide to act up when you're not home. It's best to close all doors and windows before you leave to prevent firecrakers from accidentally getting into the house. Turn off the lights and appliances, too. It's best to have your home checked for fire safety annually to rid yourself of this worry. Oh, and make sure that your grill is off after cooking that pre-party BBQ with the family.

3. Bring some crackers and water before travelling - What the-- are you serious, Cain Realty Group? Well, if you are one of the many who needs to go on a long commute home to celebrate with the family, the traffic jams along the way can prove too much for a stomach looking forward to the family's New Year's eve dinner. Just prepare for a possible extended travel time and avoid coming home all grumpy because you are hungry and missed dinner by five hours (or more!).

4. Watch what you eat (and drink) -  Statistics show a mathematical increase in hospital admissions due to health conditions worsened by overeating or consumption of food that aggravates existing health conditions. Let's make it simple: avoid too much dessert for diabetics, lower your salt intake if you have kidney problems, fatty foods are a no-no for hypertensive individuals, and avoid alcohol altogether if you have renal health issues. Consume those sumptuous delights in moderation, and you'll be fine.

We hope that all of us will have a fun, safe evening as we welcome the New Year! With the New Year comes hope, a fresh start, an opportunity to make things better. Stay safe as you celebrate the coming of things made better!

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