Travis Country Market Stats

2016 Travis Country Real Estate Market Stats

Travis Country Stats for 2016 Cain Realty GroupAside from our impressive report on real estate stats in Austin for 2016, we've got some good news about our performance in Travis Country, too! Using data collected from the MLS, we have compiled a metric measuring how well we fared in providing our excellent home buying and home selling services to our clients in this amazing community.

Here are some of the things you might want to know that truly attest to us being "the most trusted home buying and home selling team" in Travis Country!

  • Cain Realty Group sells for 3.36% more than the neighborhood average. This means an average of $17,687, based on the average Travis Country home sales price.
  • Cain Realty Group sells their clients' homes in approximately 13 days from the time of listing. That's less than half the market average.
  • Cain Realty Group gets their clients 5.64% more than discount brokers. 
  • Compared to two other realtors servicing Travis Country, Cain Realty Group got their sellers over 3.89% more than their immediate competitors' averages.

We may not be the biggest team in Austin, but we hold true to our word that we are "the most trusted home buying and home selling team", and for good reason! As we gear towards growing our team this 2017 to service more clients in Travis Country, we aim to provide the same kind of excellent service to more people. If you or anybody you know needs people they can trust for their home buying or home selling needs, please do get in touch with us....

Travis County Home Values Rise by 9%

Travis Country Home Value Rose by 9% in 2016The Travis Central Appraisal District reports that home values in Travis County rose by an average of 9% this year, thanks to the region's job and population growth that's driving the housing market. Showing no signs of slowing down, it is the “seventh year of positive trends in its [Austin's] real estate and overall economy,” says the appraiser. 

The average market value of a Travis County home with a homestead exemption rose from $355,312 to $387,537 in 12 months, says chief appraiser for the Travis Central Appraisal District, Marya Crigler. The average taxable home value (which is computed by substracting exemptions from the market value) rose by 8.7%, with prices ballooning from  $262,462 last year to $285,335 today.

In 2015, the average residential market value rose by 11% from 2014 data, with average taxable home value climbing at 9%.

The overall preliminary taxable values in Travis County this 2016 increased 20% from last year's percentage. The total value of all residential and commercial properties rose from $137 billion to $164 billion, with commercial values being a major factor in the increase.

Are you a Travis County home owner? Are you looking to buy a property in the Travis County area? Would you like to capitalize on this amazing opportunity? Get in touch with us today or call us at (512) 522-4659 today and we'll assist you with your real estate...

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